Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Kiter and Videographer going off

"This video is about an argument over.....well just watch! 
Dimitri Maramenides"

B Shots

"I decided to put together all the shots I haven't used in my latest videos. So here is "B Shots"! Jason Blanchard"

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Kai's end of summer 2017 kitefoil fun on Maui. 
Watch the progress of this beautiful little girl on hydrofoil board.

Ready for a come back - Jalou 'S tories

"In this brand new episode, you'll see me getting ready for the GKA world cup in Mauritius. It's been quite a while since I last competed as there wasn't a proper wave event. But now there is an i'm more then excited to compete again, especially on One Eye, which is one of the TOP waves in the world if it comes to wave riding. Enjoy the action!" 
Jalou Langeree

Thursday, September 7, 2017


We are proud to present “RUGGED POINT”, a remote adventure in one of the most beautiful place on earth. Spring Island, one square kilometer of wild forest on the rugged west coast of Canada. The MANERA athletes settled a small camp and lived there for seven days, looking for wind, waves & adventure. 

We ended up on Rugged Point Beach, untangling our Kite lines over bear tracks. One morning Etienne found his neoprene boots devoured by the wolves. We surfed with a whale... 

Even if the conditions are sometimes rough, changeable & unpredictable, we would not exchange our seats for a more classic destination. Cold weather, adventure & lack of comfort create lasting memories that only those who have experienced them can understand. 

Our mind still shivers at the memory of these sessions, Our hands are still shaking at the frozen memory of that water.
[from MANERA - Watermen Experience]

Kitesurfing Classic from 2003 about new school tricks

When many still rode without chicken loop and when new school tricks were actually new...

Introducing The Bubble Film

"This is the first fruit of an idea we had a little more than a year ago. We got together and decided to make a full length film. Like in the old days. Something people could relate to, with a bit more depth than your average clip. Something that would hopefully inspire others the same way the classics inspired us. Something people would watch more then once. And a year later, here we are. Today we release the first glimpse of what has become a creature of its own. Over the course of the year, the project evolved from a regular kiteboarding movie to a film with an elaborated story and a message to tell. Who? Where? Why? How? Whats The Bubble? Well, The Bubble is us, its ours. The Bubble is our friends, our enemies, the good and the bad. The sunny days, the clouds and the storms. The planes, the airports, taxi rides and delays. Its the comps, photoshoots, interviews and the fans. The new tricks the injuries and the crashes. The Bubble is everything, and nothing at all. 

The film isn’t going online (at least for now). We aren’t just gonna dump it on the internet like every other video, even better. First we’ll bring tour the film around the world. We thought it’d be a great idea to personally bring it to you. And for that we are having premieres in the locations listed below. And then we’ll send a free copy to anyone who wants one. Subscribe to our site here thebubblefilm.co and be the first one to have it." 

Written and directed by Noe Font. Presented by North Kiteboarding. 
Starring: Aaron Hadlow, Craig Cunningham, Colleen Carroll, Stefan Spiessberger, Tom Court and Noe Font. 
Coming September 2017."

Friday, September 1, 2017

Strapless Hydrofoil Swiss Alps

Amazing scenery on lake Silvaplana. Where normaly 100-150 kiters share the lake, the hydrofoilers find peace and empty space on low wind days in late evening.

Kitesurfing Zanzibar - Luke McGillewie

Liquid Force Cape Town recently escaped the Cape Town winter and spent some time kitesurfing in Zanzibar with the awesome crew from Aquaholics.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Return to the roof of the world

"The Crathorne family's last journey along the Pamir highway, to the roof of the world. The 1000km journey from Dushanbe - once part of the historic silk route - took us along dirt roads through steep-sided mountain valleys, alongside raging rivers and over high mountain passes, including the Ak-Baitel pass at 4650m. 

The destination? The Roof of the World Regatta, an extraordinary event on a high altitude lake in a remote part of Tajikistan, home to the Karakul community. At almost 4000m altitude, the weather at the lake is notoriously fickle; icedover for eight months of the year the water is close to freezing, storms can appear suddenly with no notice and the area is liable to snow in the summer. 
This makes kiting conditions on the lake unpredictable and challenging but the ridiculously beautiful surroundings and the people of Karakul make this such a special event and I am hopeful for good conditions at the 2017 Regatta this summer."
                                                                                                                                                           Polly Crathorne